Friday, January 17, 2014

Umbrellas and stuff

While my officemate and I were walking a man we met on the street gave us an umbrella. He looked like a Chinese businessman and was decent in every way. My officemate thought that he's selling is the umbrella but apparently he just wanted us to have it. Actually it looked like it was a gift for him since there was a torn Christmas label on it I'm not really sure what his issues were with the gift but he wanted us, random strangers, to have it. That was nice. Free umbrellas and the year only just begun.

I then remembered that I also do that sort of thing. When I don't want what I'm eating anymore I give it to a beggar. Some people would say 'baka trip kayo nun' or 'nagandahan sa inyo' since both of us were female but I believe we just looked like two girls who needed an umbrella or two stranger that he can take the thing out of his hands.

So what's the big deal? It's just an umbrella? You don't have to blog about it.

It's not really about that. Lately, I noticed that people are nicer. Not that they aren't nice before but aside from the umbrella there have been security guards helping me get my doughnut even if it they were not in the position to help me, taxi drivers that are really kind and amazing in their own way and lots of other stuff.

I might be over thinking this but what if my friend was right...that these are omens. Whether good or bad I do not know.

Well, it could just be that the world is still nice despite of what is happening around me. It just feels weirdly sweet... like some trap that I might fell in to. This anxious feelings are so weird... what have I become?

But on another note, in a way of justifying my odd feelings, I think noticing is still better than taking them for granted. I am thankful for each little act of kindness. I put them to heart even if it's just nothing for the giver. I do this both for strangers and people I know. All your kindness are cherished even if they are forgotten. I mean, the memory might be wiped away but the feelings will stay.

ah and this turned into a cheesy post again... oh well.

So this is officially my first entry for the year! I do hope that these are good omens and I'll do my best to be kinder to others as well... so kind that they will doubt like this too.. mwahahahaha

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