Friday, May 6, 2011

Reasons why I like working at night.

Yes, I do work at night but that doesn't automatically makes me a call center agent. Seriously, I do not like talking to random angry people on the phone. hehe.

If you would read everything here you will soon notice how unsociable I sound. I am not really friendly. I am just nice but not friendly "feeling close" type. That is why I really love my friends because (I think) they can understand me even when I'm like this :P That made me cherish them even more.

Anyway, moving on to the main point of this blog. Here are my reasons why I like working at night:

1. Because there's no sun. Since it's nighttime of course, I won't get burned by the sun and thus, my skin won't darken. I go out of the office around 6-7 AM and even if I do see the sun in the morning when I go home, it is still not as bright as it is during 12pm where people usually go out for lunch. XD

2. Because of reason #1 I can wear black clothes or long-sleeves. I studied in UP, Los BaƱos and during the entirety of my stay I noticed that my dark colored clothes usually stayed at the back of the closet.  I barely wear them. Also, I don't have any shirt that has sleeves longer than my elbow. Now, since there's no sun to worry about I can wear them freely.

Now you may say that "but you can still wear them even if you're in the dayshift since the office is air-conditioned anyway and the sun won't get you once inside." Yes. But since I don't have a car (I don't even want to learn how to drive) I have to commute. Just thinking about wearing longsleeves while inside the MRT or jeepney or even while walking to the office is already making me uncomfortable. So no.

3. Transportation is faster. I usually go out of the house around 8:30 PM. By this time traffic is already moderate. I don't know why, but traffic is lighter during that time compared to going out at 7:00 PM. If there's a reason I can think of it may be "rush hour is over"? But I really am not sure. I live 30 minutes away from the office so I don't pass by the main roads like EDSA or something... but I'm taking this events into consideration: if I go to the office around 7:00PM I get there in 35-45 minutes. If I go out at 8:30 beyond it would just be around 30 minutes or less. Of course other factors should be taken into consideration like when the jeepney driver wanted to wait for passengers etc. This is also the same when I'm going home from the office. There aren't much cars before 7 AM so getting home is a breeze.

4. Avoiding social stuff. Yes, it is sad that all of my friends are going to see this movie one Friday night and I still can't go because I have work until Saturday morning but I try to be positive by thinking this way: at least I avoided spending money. So by avoiding these night-outs especially the ones held on a Friday night I get to save money to spend on other stuff like food I want to eat or cosplay. Yey! \^o^/

5. It's quiet. It's nighttime so there's less people in the office. Solitude and less pressure. :P

6. Everyone's sleeping. So there's no one that would bug me while I'm working. There're less distractions at night. No one is going to talk to me in Facebook (except for my friends on the other side of the globe but they aren't that many) or send me texts. Because more than half of my friends are sleeping, I will never be tempted to check their status every five minutes since it would be the same the whole night long. Same concept with twitter or plurk. Because of this I can focus on working and get the job done at once so I could distract yourself with other things like reading manga, watching anime and/or sleeping. Also since they aren't updating at all I can read everything they had written for the whole day. Yes it would be less interactive but I imagine how happy my friend will be to see me reply to everything s/he posted. I have all the time in the world anyway... well as soon as I get my task done. I was paid to work not to talk to my friends anyway. =_=

7. "You would know who really cares. They are the ones who would stay all night or most of it just to be there for you." LOL. Just adding this here.

8. Sunday night... everyone is sleeping early for work EXCEPT FOR ME.

9. Monday morning... I see people rushing to go to work while I lie down on my bed with a smile.

10. It's dangerous outside since it's dark and because of that I have all the right to bring around self-defense things... taser, balisong, pepper spray, cutter, knife... sword, crossbow, whip, axe, nunchucks ... sweet. *evil grin*

I know there are more disadvantages but I don't want to write about that. :T I also know that there are more advantages and these reasons are quite simple but I am not thinking of those right now that's why they aren't here. :P


Joyce said...

I read somewhere that there are certain types of people who are smarter during the night. Mas active ang certain parts of the brain or sth so mas ok daw pagpuyatang ang mga stuff where you need to solve problems or be creative. Pero better daw sa daytime ang mga drone tasks kasi mas ok ang motor skills, tsaka better sa daytime ang decision-making. :)

Nabasa ko rin na nakakataba kapag gising ka pa ng walang araw. :(

Edrail said...

Mas marami talagang harmful sides ang nightshift compared to benefits hindi lang yung pagtaba... meron pa sa dugo etc. But that's why I didn't write about it. I read about harmful effects all the time tapos parang ang gusto lang ng karamihan sa nightshift ay yung mas malaking sahod... hehe.

But don't worry I take care of myself I'll try to not die young. ^_^ and I'll eat healthier once na hindi na ako magkasya sa pinto or something.