Saturday, February 1, 2014

For the first time in forever I finally uploaded a cover

It's already 2014 and I don't have a cover yet... I cancelled my Christmas and New Year's covers since I wasn't feeling well during the holidays. I know I have been lazy in recording and uploading stuff in youtube... heck! I've also been lazy in updating my blog... I did become lazy last year... 

But I said to myself: My goal this year is to make a cover a month!
This time it includes duets and chorus as well since it really eats a lot of my time.

So now here is my January cover. It's a duet with Chinx, who did an amazing job as Elsa. *u* Even if I didn't want to jump into the Frozen bandwagon I really felt a need to record/cover at least one of the movie's songs. I liked the songs and the constant LSS attacks were not helping. So as soon as I heard Chinx was going to do Elsa I thought that "hmm... maybe this is my chance to sing this song, why not?" 

I was supposed to do Scarlet Bomb from Needless for January but that song was not cooperating with me at all. So I had to find another one... yay for Chinx saving me from my trivial worries /o/

Behind the scenes

During recording I felt that Anna was annoying... or rather... my Anna was annoying. Especially the lines "It's ok you can just unfreeze it." after I hear that line I always have the urge to slap Anna or shoot myself. But then after a few comments from my roommates I realized that the reason why I felt like that was because my Anna was too "cute" and it was annoyingly done. XD 

So apparently there are some lines from our version that did not match the original at all, especially the spoken lines.. so aside from fixing the timing in the mixing I also adjusted the timing of the original scene from the movie... that is better than re-recording right?

In the end, even though I know there are so many things wrong with my lines I'm still pretty proud of this duet... hopefully I can move on from Frozen. Hopefully....