Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cosmania 2012

So rainy... I hate rain

I went to Cosmania.

Ok you can stop reading now since that is the only thing that this entry is about. But having no readers won’t stop me from writing this blog anyway. And who knows you might be one of the random cosplayers I took a photo of with my crappy cellphone camera.

Anyway, from what I’ve been around the internet when one blogs about Cosmania 2012, they will sure blog about Kaname or the other foreign friends they met at the event, unlucky for you, this entry isn’t that kind of blog.


I didn’t meet them. I didn’t even plan on meeting them, and I guess you can say that everything went according to my non-plan. 

You see, Cosmania had 3 kinds of tickets to offer: the “maykaya” ticket, the “mayaman-ako” ticket, and the “oh-I-have-money” ticket. The first ticket will get you have access to the booths, the second one will give you access to booth+stage/main events, while the most expensive one will let you meet and greet the foreign friends.

So knowing me, I bought the first ticket. I was hesitating at first since I really want to see the bands play and the cosplay catwalk and the main stage but I just have to admit I’m not that wealthy. So we have a one-room-only access where we have access to the merch booths and the side-stage sponsored by TV5.
Actually, it was really ok even if we just bought that ticket. The merch booths always kept me entertained in a convention since I love looking around and buying some things. I also got the wig I bought online, which is one of my goals for that day. Even if I didn’t see the catwalk, I already had my fill of cosplayers. I don’t really know if this has become a standard for every convention, but if you want to take pictures of cosplayers you would rather stay outside. Most of them are outside.   

Anyway, my companion for that convention enjoyed it. If it wasn’t for him not seeing the bands perform would make me sad.

the only thing he ate in the event

Because we didn’t stayed and watch the stage we manage to leave early. We had sushi for dinner and we went home. Even if we went home early we got very tired.

My Moral lesson: I can enjoy going to a convention even without watching the stage… oh wait… scratch that… I can enjoy anything as long as I’m with him. ^_^

Oh before I forget! The cosplayer pic strip:

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