Monday, August 23, 2010

SOMA cum laude 2010 video

I'm always proud of my videos... I treat them like my babies or something... I just love making videos and will find any excuse to make one.

If I add all the time I spent in making this video it would take one day. This one is very special because the video clips were really behaved while I was making it. The clips were cooperating with me and so was my laptop. In the end I can't help but watch it again and again and again...

This one I made to promote SOMA's activity (note: any form of excuse) I wasn't required to make a video but I volunteered myself just for the pleasure of making a video.

Trivia about this video:
1. Even though R2 was also covered by the quiz contest. I had no idea that it was included so there are no r2 clips found here.
2. I actually used the trailer for code geass episode 24-25 on the video. I just placed it there and the timing and emotion I was aiming for was there. I was too amazed to even think it was accidental.
3. The code geass clips doesn't have subtitles... since I used the English dub version. The only voice I like in the English dub of Code Geass was Cornelia... No one would ever be able to defeat Jun Fukuyama as Lelouch.
4. I got lazy on that part where the videos were zooming out. Even my brother knew I could've at least cleaned that part...
5. I edited O Fortuna since it was so long and because the volume levels of the silent part and the loud parts were so significantly different that it is annoying.

as you can see I enjoyed myself. Whatever the outcome of this video I was happy.

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