Friday, June 5, 2009

Point of no return

I really don't know why I only find out my mistakes only during the point of no return. I really hate it. I really want to be careful all the time and try to think before doing anything but in the end I end up regretting what I'd done. 

I really hate it. I hate myself everytime I do stupid things like that. 

But hating myself, regretting what I've done etc... really can't help me. 

So that's the cue for me to stop wallowing in self pity and start doing something to solve my problem. The problem is clear... I know the solution... now the part I hate the most -waiting time. 


I'm going back to LB... although it's not until Sunday but I'm starting to get excited. I want to sleep in my new room and start a new semester. I also have to fix my schedule and make sure to get 10 units, fix my INC status in 2 of my majors and of course fix my life before actually starting a new chapter in my life.

I just hope that I won't screw up. The thing I hate the mst about myself is that the simplest problems are only in front of my face waiting to bite me but I just don't see it...

so I screw up... and the problem became bigger because I'm in the point of no return.

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