Sunday, September 27, 2015

Watching real people series and stuff

Warning: Fangirling. Don't read if you don't want to read me ramble.

So recently, I've finished watching Parks and Rec. The whole marathon was so worth it; all 7 seasons of seeing characters develop wonderfully, of watching a strong story unfolding and a closing with a good clean ending. The other sitcom that I'm still watching up until now is TBBT, and compared to that the subtle comedy (I say subtle because of the lack of laughs?idk) and unique characters are a breath of fresh air.

Currently, I'm still having withdrawal symptoms and I bet I'd watch everything again. It's short and it's fun. I could watch this until 6 in the morning... and you bet I already did that!

Anyway, my favorite character in that series must be Andy, played by Chris Pratt. He started off as this big annoying baby with two broken legs, but he's actually sweet... and really really dumb. Then I started seeing him like a big adorably puppy that just loves everything because everything is awesome. (YES! I did that!)

But good lord, did I fall in love with him when he was with April. Honestly, I envied their relationship and how they just love each other through thick and thin, in success and in weirdness. Making Pratt a regular in the series was already, for me, the best decision the people behind the series could ever make... but pairing Andy and April topped even that!

I don't even know how to begin in describing how I love their pairing. Even if they were just hugging at the background is enough to make my heart flutter... so how do I even start to explain what emotions it asks of me whenever I see them role-playing or making out. There is a mixture of pure envy and pure happiness. Of course, I'm still rooting for them. They're my OTP. And I love their reactions and interactions with each other that I could not even imagine the character could exist without the other.

On a side note, *sigh* I want to cling on to someone like Andy as well.

So now, I am obsessed with Chris Pratt. I even watched Jurassic World, Lego Movie, Guardians and Jurassic World ,again, this weekend. Yes. In that order. Contemplating on watching his older movies as well if I could only have the extra time... but for now this will do.

My preference has been distorted in a new way again, having to add this new obsession. Apparently, I am attracted to facial hair. I've seen Andy without facial hair in the series and he looked odd... he's far more attractive when he has facial hair. Oh god. I can't believe I just heard myself say that. D:

Moving forward, since I just finished this series, people continued to recommend more stuff to me. Sitcoms and series they believed I would like. It's not that I appreciate it all but... ugh... my list! Just when I thought that I cleared a chunk of it, considering that the last season just finished and most of the anime I'm watching are done; here we are again with a brand new list. This time with more real people series!

Honestly, I could only watch a handful of real people series. As much as I love them and their stories are cool, I just could not keep up with all that. And also, there's the factor that real people bore me. So for now I'll just continue to take note of their recommendations and sweep them all under the rug until I find time to pick up at least one episode of it.

But hey, I don't mind being this obsessed again just as long as he will suddenly turn out to become Star Lord by the end of the series XD

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