Monday, March 12, 2012

inSOMAnia 4

This year’s inSOMAnia was special to me. It was the first time that my organization, UP SOMA Soshiki, held a convention outside of UPLB. It was the first time it was held inside a mall. But aside from the venue, it was the first time that I had attended inSOMAnia as an alumni. Also, this was the first time I sang on stage in a convention. There was just a lot of firsts for me in this convention.

A few days before inSOMAnia I had been going over and over with myself whether I’ll perform or not. My friend and I had been interested before. We talked to the current members and opened up the topic. When I read the letter they gave to us, I gave up hope. There was an audition and we have to sell tickets. The audition ended last Feb 25 and it was already Feb 28  when I asked again about this.

I have decided then that I would not sing anymore as a performer but rather, I will join the karaoke contest. XD

Suddenly, when I have finally decided which song to sing in the karaoke contest they contacted me and asked if I will still perform.  It was 3 days before the actual thing. I am not that confident. I don’t have a song prepared and even if I pick a song now I will have problems regarding the lyrics. If only it is in English or Filipino. I know I would embarrass myself in front of everyone. I know all these, but I still said yes.

Here is my reaction before the actual performance...

Anyway, enough about singing... there’s more about that later. I would rather talk about the event itself.

The members encountered a lot of things this time that I was really proud of them for pulling off the whole event. It was sad that there’s no merch booths and food booth. It was a good thing that the event centre was near the food court and so people can easily come out and eat and go in again.
I was really impressed with the ticket system they had.

It was like this: the whole convention centre was filled with activity booths. The booths were seemingly easy mini games. To join the games you have to buy tokens from the main booth. Once you win from a booth you can get points. If you accumulated enough points then you may get the corresponding item from the main booth. The items ranged from button pins, keychain, shirts, gloves etc.

Aside from the activity booth, the event also had the usual cosplay competition, band performances and art contest. I even saw the “Pinoy Superman” and his chin of absolute perfectness during the cosplay competition. He was fabulous as Ulric. I would never forget the last line in his speech “Hindi lahat ng kontrabida ay pangit” which is so true...

So here are the pictures and some videos of the event. Because of this year’s convention, I am really looking forward for the next... congratulations children... you pulled it off. I am so proud of you. 

Pictures here


Some of the videos here:

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